Plant of the Week: Little Bluestem

​Little Bluestem, Schizachyrium scoparius

24 inches Tall, 18 inches Wide

Full Sun

Blooms Mid Summer to Mid Fall

Bloom Colors are Reddish/ Purplish stems


Little Bluestem is a warm season grass that does best in well drained soil. It is native to Eastern North America, mainly in prairies, fields, clearings, or hills.

Uses: Prairie Restoration, Erosion Control, Ground Nesting Bird Habitat

Hardiness zones: 3-9

Fun Fact: Some tribes used little bluestem switches in ceremonial sweat lodges. The Lakota word means “small red grass”. Dried leaves and stems were rubbed into soft fiber for moccasin lining and insulation.

I picked this plant because I love how beautiful it is in the fall. Deep purples and reds are very vibrant and it stays standing upright until you decide to trim back for winter. If you don’t want to trim back for winter it offers a great splash of color to your landscape.

By: Sierra