Plant of the Week: Globe Blue Spruce

Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce, Picea pungens Globosa​

3-5 ft tall and 5-6 ft wide

Full to Part Sun

Bright blue needles in spring that fade to deeper blue

Perennial shrub

The Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce is native to the western United States. In the wild it grows best in dry, well drained soil and in higher elevations.  The bright blue needles have helped make this one of the most popular evergreens in ou area.  With a hardiness zone going all the way to 2 you don’t have to worry about this shrub struggling in our long winters.

Uses:  This small shrub is often used as an accent in rock gardens or to provide winter interest in a foundation planting.  Often these shrubs are grafted to a standard, giving them a ‘lollipop tree’ appearance and used as a small accent tree near front entrances or along paths.

Fun Fact: They are super slow growers so they only grow maybe 1-6” per year! Hint hint, this is what classifies this conifer as ‘dwarf’.

​Hardiness zones: 2-8