Overseeding Your Lawn

If you are noticing patches of bare dirt or areas of thinning grass that are starting to fill with weeds it may be time to overseed your lawn. As the seasons come and go your lawn is depleted of its nutrients, soil quality, and overall health. Overseeding will enhance your lawns beauty and functionality. Let’s dig in!

What is Overseeding?

So, what exactly does it mean to ‘overseed’ your lawn? When you overseed your lawn you are simply attempting to thicken your grass, reduce weeds, and improve your lawns appearance by adding more grass seed. This is accomplished by adding more grass seed directly to your lawn. You can do this by using a broadcast spreader and spread 2-3 pounds per 1,000 square feet on your lawn after aeration or by using a mechanical slit-seeder.

How to Overseed your Lawn?

At 3 Bears Landscaping, we use a slit-seeding method with a mechanical slit-seeder to overseed your lawn. This is the best method because the machine will use knives to cut into the dirt giving an even seed bed and ensuring that the seeds are implanted into the soil instead of just laying on top of your grass. The slit-seeding machine will allow the seed to penetrate the soil and assist with faster germination of the seeds. For maximum results, we recommend you dethatch your lawn and aerate your lawn before you overseed using a broadcast spreader or use a slit-seeding machine. We have articles about both dethatching and aerating your lawn in our blog archives. We are happy to put together an aeration/dethatching/overseeding package for you based on your lawns needs. Below are the benefits of using a slit-seeding machine.

Benefits of Slit-Seeding

  • Rejuvenates your lawn
  • Repairs damaged areas in your lawn
  • Assists with weed reduction
  • Helps to reduce water runoff
  • Cost effective
  • Fast seed germination
  • Even distribution of seed
  • Minimal lawn damage
  • Excellent seed to soil contact

Let 3 Bears Landscaping bring your lawn back to life! Our trained lawn care specialists use only the best tools and grasses to ensure a job well done the first time.

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