Did you know…? Hanging Evergreens Is An Ancient Tradition

Nothing screams the holidays more than the fresh scent of cedar and pine.  The fragrance of evergreens have always played a large role in the spirit of Christmas.  Along with mistletoe and holly, evergreens have been a symbolic role in the holiday season throughout the centuries.

Dating back to primitive European tribes, evergreens were hung over their doorways to welcome winter spirits in the hopes of receiving good health and fortune.  Evergreens were a sign of good luck and brought hope of a prosperous spring. To many ancient people, holiday evergreens symbolized everlasting life because they stayed green and alive when other plants appeared brown and dead. Romans would decorate their homes with evergreens to celebrate the Festival of Saturnalia, the god of agriculture.

Decking the halls with boughs of holly was another special tradition because holly’s shiny leaves and red berries were considered magical during the middle of winter and ensured good dreams when hung over the bed.  Mistletoe was a symbol of love and forgiveness to the Druids and Scandinavians and thought to have powers of fertility.

Decorating your home with your favorite evergreens has been a long lasting tradition.  From celebrating the the winter solstice to filling the air with Christmas spirit, evergreens will bring joy to the holidays and remind us all that spring will soon come again.