Did you know…? Burlapping Your Trees In Winter Keeps Them Safe

Snug as a bug in a rug.  This is the time of year for burlapping trees but why?  and when?

Burlapping should be done to newly planted evergreens, arborvitaes, and anything susceptible to winter burn.  The reason for this is that it will help keep it from burning in the winter.

Winter burn occurs when a plant heats up a bit on warmer, sunnier days and the needles begin to wake up.  This causes them to start working and lose water.  But the trunk is frozen and so is the ground so there is no water to replace the water lost.  Wrapping in burlap will help prevent the sudden changes in temp by acting as a little micro-environment where the temperature will stay more even and the needles won’t be warmed by direct sunlight.

Another good way to prevent winter burn is to keep your evergreens well watered into the fall.  Make sure those needles don’t start the long winter months already thirsty!

The best time to burlap is after a few frosts.  It needs to be cold and stay cold before you should burlap.  Doing it too early can cause your shrubs to overheat under the burlap, causing them to lose lots of moisture and ruining the whole plan!  For this same reason burlap should come off right away in the spring while it is still nice and cold so the evergreens can wake up naturally with the rest of the trees.

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