Benefits of Lawn Aeration

​There’s an easy way to keep your lawn looking beautiful, green, lush, and inviting-it’s called ‘Lawn Aeration’. This concept is straight forward and has many immediate benefits that will make your lawn very happy.  Our weather in Minnesota is hard on almost everything including your lawn! You know, those pesky hard-as-a-rock spots in your yard, that patch of grass that always looks a bit ‘off’, that worn down spot that you can never get grass to grow, that area of your lawn that always has a puddle left behind after it rains…..sounds like a job for 3 Bears Landscaping and a lawn aeration machine!

So, What is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn Aeration is an almost mid-evil practice in theory as little pitch fork spikes that are thrust into your lawn pulling out plug-like cylinders from the soil (don’t worry they will repair themselves in a week with new white roots). The newly formed holes will allow your lawn to breathe in and out oxygen much easier making it healthier, softer, and nutrient-rich. The missing plugs in your lawn will give your lawn new life and will improve the root quality. With improved root quality comes a greener grass, softer soil, and neighborhood envy.

Let’s go over the technical benefits of lawn aeration:

  • A greener and healthier lawnStronger root system
  • Softer soil
  • Reduced run-off and puddles
  • Promotes growth
  • Reduce thatch
  • Less time between watering
  • Improved penetration of fertilizer

Don’t have a lawn aeration machine lying around the garage?  Not to worry, at 3 Bears Landscaping we have all of your lawn aeration needs covered.  The best time for lawn aeration in Minnesota is in the autumn or the spring due to cool temperatures and minimal weed growth. Please give us a call we will develop a plan for your lawn!

By: Nicole Casey

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