Benefits of De-thatching Your Lawn

Dethatching your lawn will add curb appeal to your home as well as contribute to a healthy yard. Dethatching is a process where ‘thatch’ is removed from your lawn to promote greener grass and a healthier lawn by letting your lawn breathe. If you are looking for a thick, green, healthy lawn look no further than dethatching.

Photo of the different layers of lawn thatch

Why Dethatch your Lawn?

In Minnesota we are hit hard with extreme weather year after year. Season after season your lawn breaks down organic compound (thatch) that inhibits growth, beauty, and overall health. In order to maintain a healthy lawn in Minnesota it’s important to manually maintain it with proper organics, aeration, dethatching, and fertilization. By dethatching your lawn you are physically removing the brown decay and roots that are keeping your lawn from looking its best! Excess thatch can make your lawn look brown and unhealthy. It also can be a breeding ground for lawn diseases if there is too much thatch on your lawn.

Benefits of Dethatching Your Lawn

  • Promotes Healthy Lawn
  • Healthy Root Growth
  • Effective Draining
  • Prevents Disease


How to Dethatch your Lawn?

Now that we know the why let’s talk about the how. At 3 Bears Landscaping we are happy to come to your home and evaluate your lawn dethatching needs. We use special heavy equipment to get the job done right the first time.  We will use a lawn dethatcher to remove all of your access thatch, rake up the debris, and remove it for you. We will then fertilize and reseed your lawn if you would like. This will instantly promote growth and health to your lawn. We can dethatch your lawn anytime during the spring, summer, or fall but prefer to do it during the spring when your lawn is recovering from the winter snow cover. We also recommend lawn dethatching every other year.  The dethatcher machine will cut through the thatch with metal blades bringing the thatch to the top of your lawn. We will then rake up the excess thatch and remove it from your lawn. If you’ve never dethatched your lawn before expect a good amount of thatch to surface. It can be physically demanding to dethatch your lawn manually with a dethatching rake. Dethatching can also be hard on your lawn if done incorrectly causing damage that can take months to repair. Ask yourself if you’re up to the challenge of dethatching your lawn. If you are up the challenge that’s great! If not, let 3 Bears Landscaping bring your lawn back to life with dethatching!


By: Nicole Casey

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