Benefits of a Raised Garden Bed

While driving through your Minneapolis/St. Paul neighborhood(s) you’ve probably noticed more and more raised garden beds in your neighbor’s yards. This is more than a trend, this is a lifestyle. Imagine not having to buy all of your veggies at the store! At the same time, you don’t have to dig up your whole yard to plant. The answer is raised garden beds! Raised beds are great for protecting growing plants from the scuffs and kicks of passersby while allowing the soil to warm faster in the springtime, generating an earlier crop. They are also quite decorative and can add significant charm to vegetable gardens and your yard. Each of our garden beds come equipped with “rabbit guards” with folding sides so that your vegetables will stay healthy!

Let’s dig in and get to the facts and benefits of a raised garden bed.

Thinking about your raised garden bed as a container. Essentially, you are able to control your soil, your irrigation, and your weeds in a small and manageable space. Our raised garden beds are also very pleasing to look at and will add a creative addition to your yard.

Our raised garden bed clients see an instant return on their investment from the following:

  • Fewer weeds – (Especially from weeds that grow using rhizomes — like that pesky Bermuda.)
  • Less compaction-not stepping on the soil day after day will allow your garden to flourish!
  • Less tilling– small spaces mean less weeds and less tilling the soil.
  • Plant close together– this allows you to plant more seeds in your small space. Add a trellis and you’ve expanded your small garden even more!
  • Pest Protection –raised beds can protect against wildlife in your veggies by providing a barrier. We install rabbit guards with folding sides on all of our beds.

​Next Steps

3 Bears Landscaping will come to your home and make sure the right spot is selected to build the boxes. Site selection is important as you have to have access to water as well as ample sunlight. An ideal amount of sunlight depends on what you plant but typically you want to have 6-8 hours of direct sunlight on your raised beds. We use either cedar or pine to build our raised garden beds. Pine garden beds can last 5-7 years and are very affordable. Cedar is a more expensive option but cedar will last 20 plus years and will have the wow factor you are looking for.

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